Did Apple Take a Bite out of Facebook eCommerce Marketing?

With policy updates coming to iOS in 2021, Facebook is making a number of changes to their marketing platform. For web-based, ecommerce advertisers, we’d like to summarize those with the largest impact:

  • Conversion Time Reporting: Currently conversions report on Impression Time (the time the ad budget was spent) even if conversions are triggered up to 28 days later. Facebook has said reporting will now “default” to the date of the conversion. We’re waiting to hear if any Impression Time data will still be available. If not, this will impact advertisers’ ability to tie conversions back to the specific date of spend. Advertisers may want to frequently relaunch ads, so conversions and revenue are more tightly cohorted into the time period when the ads ran.

While these changes are a bit scary, there are steps advertisers can take, to minimize their negative impact:

  • Implement Facebook’s Conversion API: This server-side API sends Facebook conversion data they can tie back to their users’ ad interactions. This bypasses Apple’s restrictions on what data can be sent directly from the user’s app. The match rate will not be as exact as the current methodology, but it will help a lot. If you’re on Shopify, they recently released a Conversion API integration that works for Purchase events. You’ll want to activate Customer Data Sharing, and set the level to Maximum. For other advertisers, you can contact adMixt. In some cases, Facebook will fund our efforts to help you integrate with this API.

While these changes focus on iOS users, it remains to be seen how Facebook will incorporate them alongside Android and web users where more robust data is available. In some cases, like with attribution windows, they’ve decided to implement the lowest-common denominator in their UI, and restrict data to 7-day post click. But with other features there may be different levels of detail for different types of users. We’ll have to wait and see.

As with all changes in technology, some brands will adapt more easily than others. While many of our clients could be effected, there are often ways to lessen the impact so they fare proportionally better than their competition. In an auction-based system like Facebook, sometimes that means costs actually decrease. So every challenge can be an opportunity for profitable growth, as long as we stay ahead of the curve.

If you’d like more information on the coming changes, or how to mitigate their impact, reach out to the adMixt team.



Direct response ad agency specializing in managed services for Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest ads for eCommerce companies.

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Direct response ad agency specializing in managed services for Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest ads for eCommerce companies.