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With policy updates coming to iOS in 2021, Facebook is making a number of changes to their marketing platform. For web-based, ecommerce advertisers, we’d like to summarize those with the largest impact:

A new Facebook design is rolling out to users worldwide. The new look borrows heavily from their native mobile apps, providing a larger feed experience, with quick access to the friends list and common features.

With images and videos scaled up, sponsored posts also gain a significant amount of screen space. Advertisers need to monitor creative performance over the coming weeks and months to ensure the format change doesn’t have unexpected consequences.

For our clients, and the larger community, we present the following comparison between the old and new desktop newsfeed formats.

TLDR; Most ad units are increasing 85% in…

As we head into Fall, it’s time to start thinking about the next few months of holidays, family, and online shopping. As an eCommerce business, this is the most important part of the year. Start your holiday advertising engine now and use this checklist as a guide and reference to help you plan for the season!

Snapchat is a privacy-focused social platform helping users stay connected. Content is shared in the form of quick, 10 second videos, sent between friends, or shared to a story stream. With 190-million active users as of Q1, 2019, Snapchat has large amounts of proprietary data and enables e-commerce advertisers to target users based on interests, behaviors, demographics, location, custom audiences, and lookalikes. adMixt’s campaign managers have an in-depth knowledge of Snapchat marketing best practices.

Snapchat offers several ad formats:

Snap Ads

Snap ads show up in the user’s stories and allows you to drive them to a website, app, video…

Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) is a feature that Facebook announced will be mandatory in September 2019 for all Ads Manager users. API partners, like adMixt, will still have access to Ad Set Level Budgeting which allows you to control spend and optimize on the ad set level. CBO enables Facebook to do that automatically. As an advertiser, you set your budget at the campaign level and signal Facebook where to spend based on your bid. Facebook takes the campaign budget and decides how much to spend on each target. With this new feature comes new strategies to get desired performance…

How did a skater kid from Akron, Ohio start one of the most influential fashion companies in Los Angeles? With only a couple thousand dollars saved up, Chris ‘Drama’ Pfaff moved to Los Angeles fresh out of high school. He starred in a series of MTV reality shows with his cousin, Rob Dyrdek, and used that fame to launch his brand. Young and Reckless is a trendy streetwear line with a purpose: to inspire young people to break the mold and live their best lives. …

Many aspects of a Facebook ad can determine its success. The image or video might be the most eye-catching part of the ad, but copy is important. The quality and effectiveness of your ad copy can dramatically affect the success of the ad. Copy is your direct communication with potential customers. The image or video is what stops the user in the feed. However, the copy should give them an explanation in an engaging and creative way, and direct them to the next step.

Questions to Ask Before Writing Copy

Before you begin the writing process, there are a few important questions to ask. …

As we ring in the new year, we celebrate the past year and look forward to an opportunity to establish new goals in our lives. The new year brings about a time of reflection and a chance for growth. For eCommerce companies, the new year is the time to set goals and strategize for the year to come. This can be an intimidating process, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. We’ve compiled an eCommerce calendar to make things a little easier. …

Here at adMixt, we love the holidays as much as our retailer clients. We know this is the time that our clients will want to maximize their sales. On our end, we can use a variety of promotions and methods to not only drive interest but also sales through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest ads. It’s an eCommerce retailer and marketers’ paradise of a time, really. To get you prepared on your end, we have included some tips on how to prepare your eCommerce store for the holidays. Enjoy~ and Happy Selling this holiday season.

Included are some best practices…

A visitor comes to your store, places a few items in the shopping cart, gets a call, or gets distracted, and leaves without completing the purchase. Your shopper forgets all about you. She didn’t actually make the purchase elsewhere; she simply just did not follow through with the purchase from your store. But maybe…there’s a way to get her back!

Woman Shopping for Jewelry on her Desktop Computer

Social media retargeting, or “Remarketing”, is a form of advertising on social networks like Facebook, and now Instagram. This can help keep your products in front of shoppers who have abandoned their carts without ever purchasing from your store.



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