Where adMixt is Shopping this Season

2 min readNov 16, 2021


Our team’s favorite brands and where they will be shopping this upcoming holiday season; let’s not forget to shop sustainably this year, give back to our communities, and help those in need.

Home & Lifestyle

Brand new sheets and Tupperware somehow get more exciting as one ages. Below are a few of our favorite home and lifestyle brands:

Jewelry & Beauty

Let your significant other know in a very subtle way “aka” text them a link below to one of our favorite jewelry and beauty companies:

Food & Drink

Never can go wrong with buying food for yourself or a close friend during the holidays. We believe food and drinks make the world go round:

Travel & Outdoor

The best travel and outdoor products with a sustainable purpose to make your trip to the beach or flying a lot easier:

Apparel & Accessories

Don’t give into all the fast fashion sales and buy from the following brands who make it their purpose to create apparel and accessories that are eco-friendly:




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