Testing TikTok Spark Ads

2 min readMar 21, 2022

By Rebekah Rauckman


In October 2021, beauty brand Vegamour started sourcing influencer content to run as TikTok Spark Ads.

Feature Explanation

If you haven’t tested Spark Ads on TikTok, they’re ads made by influencers, posted to their account/handle, run with their copy and links to the brand’s landing page. The influencer generates an Authorization Code and sends it to the brand. The advertiser can use the code to run that post for a specified amount of time, with paid media behind it.

Performance Details

Since testing into Spark Ads, Vegamour saw 3.6x more scale and 25% performance improvement.

A big benefit of working with influencers, and leveraging their authentic content, is the creativity they bring to each video. For example, by testing a variety of concepts, we’ve learned featuring multiple products does better than just a single product.

TikTok works well for advertisers like Vegamour because their products align with the average TikTok user — clean vegan hair products that help women have stronger, thicker-looking hair. Aligning your content with the belief systems of TikTok users is very important for long-term success on the platform!


Because Spark Ads have worked so well, we have scaled up TikTok for Vegamour. We see the potential to continue scaling through 2022. If you are interested in learning more about our TikTok services, please reach out here.




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