Driving Conversions Through Snap Ads

3 min readAug 20, 2019


Snapchat is a privacy-focused social platform helping users stay connected. Content is shared in the form of quick, 10 second videos, sent between friends, or shared to a story stream. With 190-million active users as of Q1, 2019, Snapchat has large amounts of proprietary data and enables e-commerce advertisers to target users based on interests, behaviors, demographics, location, custom audiences, and lookalikes. adMixt’s campaign managers have an in-depth knowledge of Snapchat marketing best practices.

Snapchat offers several ad formats:

Snap Ads

Snap ads show up in the user’s stories and allows you to drive them to a website, app, video, AR lens, or App Store page in one single swipe. These ads often drive the best performance.

Collection Ads

Collection ads showcase a series of products underneath your ad and allow Snapchat users a tappable way to shop and buy your product.

Story Ads

Story ads live alongside content curated by the user in their Discover menu and allow you to draw the user into a series of Snaps that showcase your products.

AR Lenses

AR lenses provide an interactive, augmented reality experience for Snapchat users to create, play with, and send to friends. Similar to the AR lenses, filters allow you to create your brand’s creative overlays for users to apply to photos and share with friends.


Lastly, commercials are non-skippable 6-second videos within Snapchat’s high-quality, premium content that you can drive awareness of your brand.

With its large user base and variety of ad formats, finding success on Snapchat requires skill and experience. Our campaign managers agree that remarketing to site visitors and past purchasers yields the most success, and is a great way to drive measurable results. It also allows your brand to have a presence and relevance across multiple social-media platforms.

For larger advertisers, focused on generating conversions, Snapchat offers the powerful combination of oCPM and goal-based bidding. For example, you can run a campaign optimized to conversions and use a goal-based bidding strategy to determine where to set your bids. This allows you to get the conversions at the cost that you want.

The Snapchat audiences are unique from other social networks, and brands can benefit from being featured alongside the native content, which is often raw, unedited, and authentically connected to users.

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