Beating Goals with Customized Dynamic Ads

2 min readMar 15, 2022


By Rebekah Rauckman

Dynamic ads perform well for most e-commerce advertisers. Not only do they hit performance goals on Facebook and Instagram, but they also drive last-click sales in Google Analytics. But how can they do better?


To enhance the dynamic ads experience for advertisers and consumers we built a tool for creating custom dynamic overlays. Using a proprietary rules engine, we link overlay images and text to different sets of products. For example, some products might get a 25% discount overlay, others might get a 33% discount overlay. When someone is served the dynamic ad, they would see the exact discounted amount for each product in the carousel. The overlay is custom-made so it stands out, and matches advertiser brand guidelines.

Performance Details

We tested this on MeUndies’ Black Friday campaign and saw great results. The dynamic ads drove 14% more efficient last-click sales than non-dynamic creatives. These ads were very effective at communicating the exact discount the new customer could get during Black Friday, and the dynamic ads drove them directly to that product for purchase. This innovative user experience drove better last-click sales than any other format we tested.


Here are some examples of what these ads look like:

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